How Red Key Solutions Grows Its Business Using Pronto MSP Marketing


Red Key Solutions is a full-service IT solutions firm with impressive success since it started business in 2002. Working with some of the most well-established companies in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Red Key operates on five core principles, aiming to create a premium experience, find success through client success, and constantly strive to do better in everything they do. They want every aspect of their company, including their web presence, to reflect these values.

The Problem

Before working with Pronto, Red Key Solutions dealt with several different web development and marketing partners, requiring a large amount of internal hours dedicated to management of the projects. Despite those additional hours, results were minimal and Red Key Solutions didn’t see the kind of ROI they had expected. They needed a partner who could take hold of the website development and management process and provide support across their digital presence in a way that ensured clear ROI.

These vendors had no clear process in place to handle projects, and it was taking too long to manage everything. At the same time, they were not getting any real business from their online marketing activities despite these efforts.

Red Key wanted to focus more heavily on helping existing clients improve their service levels and innovate new products and services to support them in new ways. The amount of time spent managing website projects, following up with underperforming vendors, and compensating for the lack of strong marketing made that difficult.

Why Pronto?

Pronto was selected because they offered a more organized approach and a strong background in working with managed services providers (MSPs) with similar goals.

Red Key was impressed by Pronto’s library of videos and instructional guides that explained each step of the Pronto process, from pre-design to post-launch.

“Pronto is organized and has a real consistent process to deliver quality work. So that saves me time. And also the services are effective and we get 50% of new business from Google now.”Alex Markov President of Red Key Solutions

This visibility gave Red Key the confidence to trust Pronto to deliver as their new web marketing and development partner, while allowing Red Key to shift their focus back to their core competency of IT management.

The Plan

To ensure success, the following production process was used to build Red Key Solutions’ websites:

  1. Onboarding – During the onboarding process, Pronto worked closely with Red Key Solutions to build a roadmap that would collect the information needed for the website, including service offerings, verticals served, and company and staff information.
  2. Build – During development, the MSP team created the Red Key Solutions website, a new blog, and a newsletter. Integration of a detailed quality assurance stage ensured quality of the website before launch and allowed for key input from the client.
  3. Launch & Ongoing service – After launch of the new website, Red Key Solutions enrolled in MSP social media and local listing booster services. These two services allowed Red Key to quickly deploy digital marketing tactics aimed at attracting traffic to their site.
  4. Evolve & Extend – Pronto continues to support Red Key Solutions with MSP Marketing services to drive new business through digital marketing channels that had previously been ineffective. Additionally, they partnered with Pronto for one-click surveys using SimpleSat, integrated with ConnectWise to gain key insights into customer service successes and client happiness.

Throughout this process, Red Key Solutions worked with Pronto to ensure the website would match the needs and inquiries they received from their customers in the NYC tri-state area.

Red Key Solutions was able to realize their goal of stepping away from website management and marketing and focusing their efforts on servicing clients and innovating their business services.

They also increased the number of new clients they acquired through Google search and advertising. These Google-sourced clients now account for 50% of their new business.

Red Key Solutions is now a nationally recognized MSP attracting top-tier clients. That exposure and recognition gives their team real confidence and allows them to tell a compelling story about an awesome company to their target audience.

Red Key has also taken advantage of Pronto’s reseller program, and by evangelizing their positive experience with Pronto to over 20 new businesses, Red Key has grown a healthy stream of recurring monthly revenue.

Next Steps for Red Key Solutions

With the implementation of a new MSP website and MSP marketing services provided by Pronto, Red Key Solutions has grown website traffic, leads and sales pipeline from marketing. And with the time they regained they have evolved their own service offerings to better meet the needs of their clients.

They plan to continue working with Pronto by launching Facebook Advertising as a new marketing channel that will help them extend reach and amplify their message to target prospects.


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